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  Barkeepers Friend Powder - 21 oz.
21 ounce cans Sold in 4 pk




Our Price: $4.95 You get 21 ounces NOT 12 ounces like most other stores offer!

Manufacturer: Barkeepers Friend

Description Specialty Uses and Recipes
Read and follow directions on the product label.

If unsure about the safety of Bar Keepers Friend on a surface, test on a hidden area.

With Bar Keepers Friend, hard rubbing is generally unnecessary.  Let Bar Keepers Friend's chemical action do the work.  DO NOT use in a circular motion. Working with the grain of any surface is preferred.

It is easier to prevent stain buildup with regular use of Bar Keepers Friend than it is to remove old or already built up stains.  Built up stains may require several applications of Bar Keepers Friend.

If there is a heavy soap scum, use a liquid detergent such as Grease Relief by S.C. Johnson to remove the scum before using Bar Keepers Friend.

Glass Top StovesAlmost every major manufacturer recommends Bar Keepers Friend for their glass ceramic top stoves.  Bar Keepers Friend and 47 other household cleaning aids were tested by Owens-Illinois for safety and effectiveness on the glass top.  They found that Bar Keepers Friend did not scratch, did not attack the surface at high temperatures, and was very effective in removing stains.  Use normal cleaning procedures when using Bar Keepers Friend.  It is best to use a soft damp cloth.  DO NOT use abrasive pads such as steel wool.  These will scratch the surface, making future staining easier and the stains more difficult to remove. 

GlassUse Bar Keepers Friend to remove water spots on glass and mirrors.  With a damp cloth, wipe with a small amount of Bar Keepers Friend.  Dry and buff with a soft cloth for best results.

ChromeChromium is a hard and brilliantly lustrous metal that does not tarnish easily.  It is often used for plating other metals to protect them.  Cleaning chrome will remove surface dirt, grease, and mineral deposits such as hard water stains.  Use Bar Keepers Friend to make chrome gleam like new.  Simply rub gently with a little Bar Keepers Friend on a wet cloth.  Rinse.  Wipe dry to prevent water spots.

Copper(Please read section on lacquered surfaces)  When cleaned and polished, copper has a bright or metallic orange color.  However, copper will slowly tarnish in air, forming a dark brown coating or, in a moist air, a greenish coating.  This necessitates cleaning from time to time.  A copper bottomed cooking pan will discolor upon heating since heat greatly accelerates tarnishing of copper.  The pan will usually tarnish faster over a gas flame than over an electric heating element.

Remember to rub gently when cleaning your copper with Bar Keepers Friend.  Bar Keepers Friend's chemical action will do most of the work.  For heavily tarnished articles, do a preliminary cleaning with Bar Keepers Friend removing most of the tarnish.  Rinse well and then use a clean damp cloth with Bar Keepers Friend to remove the last traces of tarnish.  Rinse well and dry with a soft cloth, buffing lightly.  Avoid handling the cleaned surface with your fingers, as the prints will become visible within a day or so.  Rinse cloth out well periodically or change paper towels to prevent redeposit of tarnish. You may also want to try Copper Glo as it has an anti-tarnish ingredient.

Brass, BronzeThese are copper alloys (mixture of copper and other metals) with some improved physical and chemical characteristics.  These metals are harder and also more resistant to tarnishing.  These should generally be cleaned the same as copper.  If the brass or bronze has a lacquered finish, DO NOT clean with Bar Keepers Friend..  Consider that possibility before cleaning.

AluminumBar Keepers Friend may be used on aluminum, but with certain reservations.  Bar Keepers Friend should not be used on anodized aluminum.  Anodized aluminum is often colored or has a decorative finish.  Under no circumstances use Bar Keepers Friend on such aluminum finishes.  However, Bar Keepers Friend can be used on aluminum doors, windows, pans, etc., which is usually not anodized.  Just remember, if the aluminum is colored, DO NOT use Bar Keepers Friend.  Also, do not use alkalis (ex. ammonia, lye, washing soda.) on aluminum.

FiberglassBar Keepers Friend has been used successfully to clean fiberglass boats, bathtubs, and showers--especially where water stains are a problem.  Do not use hard rubbing.  If there is a build up of soap scum, use a liquid detergent to remove it.  Then proceed to clean the surface with Bar Keepers Friend.  If stains have built up over a long period of time, apply several applications of Bar Keepers Friend in order to remove rust, lime, or other stains.  A wax such as Johnson's J-wax can be used to maintain the shine.  (Caution-use of J-wax on the floor, bathtub, or shower may cause slips or falls).

FormicaUse Bar Keepers Friend on a wet cloth to remove food stains from Formica counter, table, etc.  Use gentle rubbing.  For tough stains, use repeated applications.

Porcelain sinks, bathtubs, and tile wallsBar Keepers Friend removes rust, lime, and other water stains from porcelain, sinks, bathtubs, shower walls, etc.  Rust is often a problem with well water.  Lime buildup is a result of hard water, which can be a problem even in the city.  Green copper stains can result from the use of copper fixtures, piping, or copper in the water.  Of course, certain cleansers can also cause green stains.  If stains are a result of a drip or leak, first fix the drip or leak to prevent further staining.  If stains have built up, repeated applications may be necessary to remove the entire stain.  Afterwards regular cleaning with Bar Keepers Friend will prevent stain build up.

Lacquered SurfacesMany articles made of copper, brass, and bronze are given a lacquered coating in order to prevent tarnish or may be applied as a decorative touch.  Bar Keepers Friend should not be used on such finishes unless you intend to remove the finish.  Bar Keepers Friend is designed to clean copper metal, not lacquer.  Instead, use water or a liquid cleaner in water.  Do not use abrasives.  If you prefer the shine of the real metal, then you can remove the lacquer either by rubbing with Bar Keepers Friend or perhaps more easily by using a suitable solvent.  Check with a paint dealer.  Then clean and polish with Bar Keepers Friend to make the surface look as good as new.  Of course, periodic cleaning with Bar Keepers Friend will be necessary. If you are unsure what real copper should look like, find a friend who has copper bottom cookware.  If the bottom is dark brown, the copper is tarnished.  Use Bar Keepers Friend on the bottom to get the color of the real metal.

Bar Keepers Friend is also great for cleaning slate, grout, cement, ceramic tile, and imitation marble.

Do not use Bar Keepers Friend to clean marble, acrylic, pewter, or colorized aluminum. Do not use Bar Keepers Friend on human beings or animals.

Barkeepers Friend is a registered trademark.

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